G-200: Suspected Fraud

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must be aware that a parent, provider or any other person in a position to commit fraud may be suspected of fraud if the individual presents or causes to be presented to the Boards or its child care contractor one or more of the following items:

  • A request for reimbursement in excess of the amount charged by the provider for the child care
  • A claim for child care services, if evidence indicates, that the individual may have:

- Rule Reference: §809.112

Boards must be aware that the following parental actions may be grounds for suspected fraud and cause for Boards to conduct fraud fact-finding or for TWC’s three-member Commission to initiate a fraud investigation:

  • Not reporting or falsely reporting at initial eligibility or at eligibility redetermination:
  • Not reporting during the 12-month eligibility period:

Rule Reference: §809.112(b)

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