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Rehabilitation Council of Texas 2014 Annual Report


RCT and the National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils

Federal Capital Building


State Rehabilitation Councils (SRCs) exist in every state and work with their respective vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. While the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, includes specific mandates that provide membership criteria and other direction for the SRCs, each state council is different.
In 2005, the National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils (NCSRC) was formed to improve the effectiveness of the councils. The SRCs were invited to sign a resolution verifying their intent to join the NCSRC and to support its mission and goals. See additional information about the NCSRC at

The Rehabilitation Council of Texas (RCT) signed the resolution, and member representatives participate regularly in semi- annual meetings held in conjunction with the Council of State Administrators for Vocational Rehabilitation. This year, Lori Henning and Joyce Delores Taylor represented the RCT at these
meetings. The topics discussed related to the provision of input and guidance to the state VR agencies.

The NCSRC also conducts nationwide teleconferences every two months and offers training and opportunities to discuss issues that are of concern to state councils. All SRC council members are invited to participate in these calls.

The RCT provides valuable advice and support to the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Divisions for Rehabilitation Services and Blind Services about assistance to people with disabilities who are seeking employment. Participation in the NCSRC has made it possible for the council to better fulfill its purpose.