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Chapter 10: Standards for Durable Medical Equipment

(Revised 05/11)

10.1 Scope and Definitions


The standards in this chapter apply to the purchase in whole or in part of durable medical equipment on behalf of eligible consumers by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).


(Revised 12/08)

Durable Medical Equipment. The following are definitions for different types of durable medical equipment.

Fabricated Good: A fabricated good is a device constructed to meet a specific need.

Functional Unit: A functional unit is the fully constructed or fabricated durable medical equipment unit that can be immediately used by the DARS consumer for whom it was specified. For example, a wheelchair would include the frame, seating system, controls, batteries, or other parts necessary to make it immediately usable by the consumer.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): The MSRP is the manufacturer's published suggested retail price.

Other Medical Goods and Supplies: Other medical goods and supplies are all medical goods and supplies not defined as durable medical equipment.

Contractor-Provided Specification: A contractor-provided specification is a written detailed description of the exact product to be provided, including the cost of the product and the date by which the product will be delivered.

10.2 Description of Goods and Services

Durable medical equipment is rendered by contractors who agree to

10.3 Documentation and Fees

Contractors agree to provide durable medical equipment at the established discount of 18 percent from manufacturer's suggested retail price for the entire functional unit.

Payment for each standard item invoiced must be based on the established discount of 18 percent from manufacturer's suggested retail price for that product.

Payment for fabricated goods invoiced must be based on the vendor-provided specification approved by the DARS counselor. This includes payment for development of schematics, drawings, or other required descriptive material; installation; setup and training; written instructions on use and maintenance; and availability of self-repair information, parts, warranty, and postwarranty repair.

The DARS counselor is authorized to pay the provider for the entire functional unit upon receipt of an invoice. The invoice must include the current MSRP amount and discount rate for the item purchased. A copy of the manufacturer's price list or order form must be attached to the invoice.

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