As of 10/1/2017, this manual has been retired. For current policies, procedures, and standards for the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Division, please refer to the following manuals:

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Chapter 19: Occupational Licenses, Tools, Equipment, and Initial Stocks and Supplies

19.1 Overview

In order to improve a consumer's prospects for successful employment or self-employment, DBS can provide the consumer with

By providing these services at the proper time during the rehabilitation process, a counselor can ensure that the consumer is ready for employment at the completion of the IPE.

19.2 Occupational Licenses

Occupational licenses are one of the tools used in the rehabilitation process.

19.2.1 Definition

An occupational license is any license, permit, fee for the examination of a license, or other written authorization required by the state, city, or other government unit that must be obtained in order to work or to run a small business.

19.2.2 Exception

State and municipal tax assessments on occupations are not included.

19.3 Tools

Tools are limited to those items provided to the consumer when the IPE involves entry into a training program or an occupation.

19.3.1 Rule

Tools must be needed, required, or both by the consumer

This includes only those tools that are normally provided workers in the same or similar trade or profession.

19.3.2 Counselor Responsibility

The counselor must assure that the proper tools are purchased and that they are not ordinarily provided by the employer.

19.4 Equipment

Equipment is defined as fixtures, apparatuses, machinery or appliances which are normally found in a place of business whose function is to carry out the requirements of the business in an efficient manner.

19.4.1 Example

Examples of equipment are:

19.4.2 Not Included

Examples of items not considered as equipment are:

Note: In many instances equipment is provided by the owner or manager of the business rather than by the employee.

19.5 Initial Stocks and Supplies

Initial Stocks and Supplies is defined as the initial inventory of merchandise or goods necessary for direct resale or for further preparation for direct resale, either on a wholesale or retail basis, to consumers by a consumer entering into a self-employment enterprise.

19.5.1 Example

Examples of initial stocks and supplies include:

Note: The amount of such merchandise/goods to be provided as initial stock is the amount necessary to enable the consumer initially to open the consumer's place of business.

19.6 Ownership of Items

DBS retains residual title to all

19.7 Transfer of Items

Tools, equipment, and supplies recovered from a consumer for whom they were purchased may be transferred to another consumer. In such cases, contact the warehouse for further information.

19.8 Recovering Property

The counselor must exercise good judgment in recovering physical possession of such property for DBS when it is no longer

The counselor must keep in mind the degree to which fair wear and tear has affected the property's value.

19.9 Responsibility for Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

19.9.1 Consumer Responsibility

The consumer:

19.9.2 Counselor Responsibility

The counselor must:

19.10 DARS2014, Rehabilitation Equipment Receipt and Agreement

19.10.1 Purpose

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Equipment Receipt and Agreement (DARS2014) is to provide DBS with a list of rehabilitation equipment items issued to the consumer and to familiarize the consumer with the terms of the transaction. It also provides evidence of the return of the equipment.

19.10.2 Scope of the DARS2014

(Revised 01/09)

Rehabilitation equipment items, etc., provided to the consumer, as outlined in the IPE, and the terms of the transaction are listed on this form. Provision is made to acknowledge the return of this equipment.

The DARS2014 is used for rehabilitation equipment issued by

The DARS2014 may also be used at the discretion of the VR staff for clarification and tracking purposes for items under $500.

Note: Do not use the DARS2014 when purchasing items associated with physical restoration such as low vision aids, glucometers, etc.

19.10.3 Responsibility

The counselor is responsible for the completion of this form.

19.10.4 Procedures if Initiated in the Field

19.10.5 Procedures if Initiated by the Consumer Technical Support Technician

19.10.6 Returning Equipment

Upon return of the equipment, the counselor/caseworker completes and signs the bottom portion of the original signifying return of the equipment and releasing the consumer from responsibility.

Note: All consumer-tagged items except for DBS Warehouse stocked items will require a DARS2216 to be completed to release equipment from consumer's social security number. If equipment is a DBS Warehouse stocked item, a form DARS2143 will need to be completed.