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Chapter 25: Reader Services for People Who Are Blind

(Revised 01/08)

25.1 Definition

Reader services are oral reading or other related services by one individual to a person who is blind. The material that is read is otherwise inaccessible to the consumer. Reader services may be used for academic training or vocational needs. The counselor explores the availability of other nonvisual media before purchasing reader services.

Reader services may include

25.2 Reader Services for Students in an Academic Setting

See Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training, 6.3 Reader Services for reader services for students.

25.3 Eligibility for Reader Services

Consumers who are legally or totally blind and need reader services to participate in a training program are eligible for this service. Consumer participation in cost of services does not apply to providing reader services.

25.4 Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic®

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic® (RFB&D) may be used as a resource for division consumers to obtain recorded textbooks.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic®

20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: 1-800-221-4792

A person must register with RFB&D® and have a borrower identification number assigned before an order can be processed. To register, a current RFB&D application should be mailed to the above address. The initial registration fee may be paid by the consumer or a DBS service authorization. Once an application is received, it takes approximately two to three weeks for the consumer to be notified of his or her RFB&D Borrower ID. It is recommended that the consumer be responsible for the annual renewal fee.

25.5 How to Requisition Reader Services

  1. Prior to the month in which services are rendered, the counselor issues a service authorization for the amount the counselor and consumer determined would be needed.
  2. At the end of the month, after the completion of DARS2011, Reader Services Log by the consumer, the counselor
    • ensures that all addition on the DARS2011 is correct, and
    • attaches a copy of DARS2011 in the case folder.
  3. Hourly rates are negotiated between the consumer and reader and reported on the Reader Services Log (DARS2011). This will have to be discussed with the counselor and agreed upon while planning the service as it will affect the amount of funds the counselor will need to encumber for the service.

NOTE: DBS does not pay for reader services rendered by a member of the consumer's family or another DBS consumer.

25.6 Volunteer Reader Services

Volunteer reader services, including those offered by some public training programs or community service agencies, are utilized whenever possible.

25.7 Consumer Responsibilities

(Revised 07/16)

It is the consumer's responsibility to:

Once the purchase of reader services is authorized, the consumer has sole responsibility for:

25.8 Counselor Responsibilities

The VR counselor must