In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

VR 2006 Revision Log

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April 2006

Chapter 4: Planning

4.3 Individualized Plan for Employment, deleted Prohibition subsection.

Chapter 29: Self-Employment

29.4.2 Business Venture Requirements and Review, revised requirements.

Chapter 34: Transportation

34.1 Definition, revised transportation definition.

Chapter 37: Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher

37.4 Consumer Referral Process, revised referral policy and procedure.

Chapter 41: Required Approvals and/or Consultations

Chapter 41 restored.

July 2006

Chapter 6: Academic Training

6.1.10 Questionable Academic Performance, to clarify policy on progress in remedial courses.

Chapter 16: Job Coach Services

16.6 Purchase Procedures, for minor technical change.

Chapter 33: Transition Services

33.10.2 World of Work, to clarify procedures related to TWorks coding.

Chapter 38: Closure

38.1.1 Reasons for Case Closure, to clarify closure reasons.

Chapter 40: Case Management

40.2.1 Guidelines on Use of Two-Sided or Six-Sided Case Folders, to reflect use of electronic case folder.

September 2006

Chapter 2: Intake

September 2006 Mark-up

Chapter 3: Eligibility

3.9.4 Employment Eligibility Verification Documents, updated to rename section and clarify identification verification requirements.

October 2006

Affected chapters revised to add numbers and names of DARS-wide forms published in conjunction with Business Procedures Manual Chapter 20: Confidentiality and Use of Consumer Records and Information, and continued use of equivalent DBS forms available only in TWorks.

Chapter 1: Protection of Legal Rights

The following sections were deleted and replaced by links to the new DARS Business Procedures Manual Chapter 20: Confidentiality and Use of Consumer Records and Information:

1.10.2 Notification of Applicant/Consumer Rights and the Appeal Procedures, for minor updates related to the documentation of the provision of the "Your Rights" brochure information to the consumer.

October 2006 Ch. 1 Mark-up

Chapter 6: Academic Training

6.1 Overview, to clarify provision of support services.

October 2006 Ch. 6 Mark-up