In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

VR 2007 Revision Log

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January 2007

Chapter 3: Eligibility

3.3 Presumptive Eligibility for SSDI and SSI Recipients, to add SSA toll-free number for Benefits Planning Query and requirement for case note about presumptive eligibility.

Jan 2007 ch 3 Mark-up

Chapter 30: Supported Employment Services

Chapter revised to reflect policy and procedures jointly developed with DRS.

The new policy applies only to consumers beginning supported employment services AFTER January 1, 2007. For information regarding services to consumers who have been under supported employment BEFORE January 1, 2007, see the link at Chapter 30.

April 2007

Chapter 2: Intake

2.1.11 IPE Completed, to update the central office recipient and fax number for the consumer's signed SSA-1365.

Apr 2007 ch 2 Mark-up

Chapter 4: Planning

4.3.3 Instructions for Completion of the IPE (DARS2303), to add instructions on Ticket to Work assignment for consumers receiving SSI or SSDI benefits.

Apr 2007 ch 4 Mark-up

July 2007

Chapter 2: Intake

Jul 2007 ch 2 Mark-up

Chapter 6: Academic Training

Entire chapter to clarify policy, adjust rates, update requirements, and add policy and examples.

Jul 2007 ch 6 Mark-up

Chapter 40: Case Management

40.4.7 Transfer of College Students to College Based VRC, to remove conflict in policy with Chapter 6: Academic Training, 6.1.3 Transfer to College Caseload, by changing "must" to "is encouraged to."

Jul 2007 ch 40 Mark-up

October 2007

Chapter 5: Training Overview

Oct 2007 ch 5 Mark-up

Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training (chapter title updated)

6.11 Vocational and Technical Training, new section to add guidance for vocational or technical training services, as well as academic training.

6.12 Exhibit A, Certification of Blindness, to provide a single model for blindness certification.

Oct 2007 ch 6 Mark-up

Chapter 11: Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center

11.5.1 Case Transfers to the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, to clarify guidance on transferring cases to CCRC.

Oct 2007 ch 11 Mark-up

Chapter 18: Maintenance

18.4.7 Attendant or Escort, to state that the maximum allowable payment is the current state per diem rates.

Oct 2007 ch 18 Mark-up

Chapter 21: Orientation and Mobility Services

Oct 2007 ch 21 Mark-up

Chapter 33: Transition Services

33.1.3 Legal Basis, to make minor changes to the definition of transition, per the Individuals with Disabilities Act, and to change the legal citation.

Oct 2007 ch 33 Mark-up

December 2007

Chapter 33: Transition Services

33.1.3 Legal Basis, to delete obsolete explanation of IEP and transition services requirements.

Dec 2007 ch 33 Mark-up