In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

VR 2010 Revision Log

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January 2010

Chapter 2: Intake

2.1.7 60-Day Rule, to clarify that eligibility for services must be determined within 60 calendar days, and that if a case note is used to document an extension of time, it must show that the applicant has agreed to a specific extension of time to determine eligibility.

Jan Ch 2 Mark-up

Chapter 3: Eligibility

3.10.2 VR Eligibility Criteria and 3.10.5 Case Movement, to eliminate the 18-month maximum time limit for the use of extended evaluation/trial work experience when determining eligibility.

3.13.5 Dual Cases, section deleted, which stated that "federal regulations prohibit DBS and DRS from simultaneously providing VR services to the same consumer," as this is not actually a federal regulation.

Jan Ch 3 Mark-up

Chapter 4: Planning

4.3.3 Instructions for Completion of the IPE (DARS2303), to remove the option to substitute a general occupational category as the consumer's employment goal.

Jan Ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 5: Training Overview

Revised to add links in various sections to other relevant chapters in the VR Manual.

Jan Ch 5 Mark-up

Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training

6.1.13 Private and/or Out-of-State Colleges and Universities, to emphasize that there are three separate justifications for supporting a consumer attending an out-of-state college or university.

Jan Ch 6 Mark-up

Chapter 19: Occupational Licenses, Tools, Equipment, and Initial Stocks and Supplies

Revised to make grammar and style updates only.

Jan Ch 19 Mark-up

Chapter 24: Physical and Mental Restoration Services

Revised to add links to the MAPS Guidelines and Consumer Procurement Guide.

Jan Ch 24 Mark-up

Chapter 29: Self-Employment

Revised to make changes to conform with internal audit requirements and to clarify the process for authorizing consumer self-employment.

Jan Ch 29 Mark-up

Chapter 38: Closure

38.6 SSA/VR Ticket to Work Partnership Plus, new section added to provide program information and instructions for providing employment advancement payments to employment network providers.

Chapter 40: Case Management

Jan Ch 40 Mark-up

April 2010

Chapter 2: Intake

2.2.2 Purpose of Preliminary Assessments, to clarify the purpose of preliminary assessment.

Apr Ch 2 Mark-up

Chapter 3: Eligibility

3.9.2 Aliens, to clarify the process for reviewing legal alien documentation regarding ability to work.

Apr Ch 3 Mark-up

Chapter 4: Planning

4.1.3 Components of the Comprehensive Assessment, to clarify how to address secondary disabilities and other issues in the comprehensive assessment.

4.1.4 Additional Information, to clarify additional information that can be included in the comprehensive assessment.

Apr Ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 32: Telecommunications, Sensory, and Other Technological Aids and Devices

32.3 Evaluation and Purchase, link to the DBS Consumer Procurement Guide.

Apr Ch 32 Mark-up

Chapter 33: Transition Services

33.3.2 Core Services, to clarify the need for a Core Skills Assessment case note and the use of the Core Skills Assessment checklist.

Apr Ch 33 Mark-up

Chapter 38: Closure

38.4.8 Documentation and Coordination, to clarify how to document homemaker information.

Apr Ch 38 Mark-up

Chapter 40: Case Management

40.1.4 Preliminary Assessment, to clarify documentation of preliminary assessment case note.

Apr Ch 40 Mark-up

Chapter 41: Required Approvals and Consultations

41 Required Approvals and Consultations, added VR purchasing approval levels.

Apr Ch 41 Mark-up

July 2010

Chapter 4: Planning

4.3.1 Overview, revised to establish new procedures for when a comprehensive assessment is not documented before the IPE.

Jul Ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 29: Self-Employment

29 Self-Employment, multiple sections revised to clarify the role of the regional program support specialists.

Jul Ch 29 Mark-up

September 2010

Chapter 4: Planning

4.3 Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), revised to update language on IPE and assessment timing as recommended by Internal Audit.

Sept Ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 14: Employment Assistance

Chapter 14: Employment Assistance, revised to add information on the dual customer, building business relationships, and lending equipment to a consumer.

Sept Ch 14 Mark-up

Chapter 29: Self-Employment

Chapter 29: Self-Employment, revised and reorganized to clarify language and improve guidance to counselors working with consumers interested in establishing or maintaining a small business venture as an employment outcome.

Sept Ch 29 Mark-up

October 2010

Note: Global changes made to this manual include

Chapter 4: Planning

Chapter 4: Planning, revised to clarify case documentation requirements.

Oct Ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training

Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training, revised to streamline the transferring of cases from one DBS counselor to another.

Oct Ch 6 Mark-up

Chapter 33: Transition Services

Chapter 33: Transition Services, revised to streamline the transferring of cases from one DBS counselor to another.

Oct Ch 33 Mark-up

Chapter 40: Case Management

Chapter 40: Case Management, revised to streamline the transferring of cases from one DBS counselor to another DBS counselor, or to a DRS counselor.

Oct Ch 40 Mark-up

November 2010

Chapter 37: Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher

Chapter 37: Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher, revised to include options for keyboard training. Also, the VR teacher assessment checklist now includes a determination of whether there is an interest by the consumer in touring or attending CCRC.

Nov Ch 37 Mark-up

December 2010

Note: The names of several forms were changed. Global changes were made to update manual references to these forms.

Manuals affected:

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