Skills for Veterans - Program Overview

The TWC Skills for Veterans initiative addresses the unique challenges and training needs of post-9/11 veterans entering the Texas workforce. TWC has set aside $1 million to fund this initiative to enhance the skills of veterans, which will benefit employers.

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Skills for Veterans benefits:

  • Private, for-profit businesses and private, nonprofit hospitals
  • Newly hired post-9/11 era veterans, especially those veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn or Operation Enduring Freedom. Eligible veterans are identified as such through the submission of a copy of the veteran’s Form DD214 (Member 4 copy).

All private businesses, including private, nonprofit hospitals, can apply to TWC for training offered by their local community or technical college, or the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), to upgrade the skills of newly hired veterans. We review the applications and work with the college to fund the specific courses selected by businesses for their employees.

Skills for Veterans pays up to $1,800 to be used in a 12-month period for an eligible post-9/11 era veteran hired within the 12 months prior to our receipt of the training application. The training funding for an individual is not available after 12 months.

Tuition and fees must be for course offerings that are provided by public community and technical colleges in the local area. Skills for Veterans will not cover costs for course offerings from third-party vendors, universities, or proprietary or vocational schools.

We will provide Skills for Veterans funding to local public community or technical colleges or TEEX to pay for veteran training under this grant opportunity. The college will work with the business to identify training courses to enhance the skills of veterans and benefit the employer’s business operations. Businesses are responsible for all course costs not covered by Skills for Veterans funding.

The hourly wage of each employee for whom training is being requested must meet the prevailing wage for that occupation in the local labor market. TWC will use local labor market wage data to determine if this requirement is met. To determine the prevailing wage for an occupation, see TWC’s Prevailing Wage Data ResearchPDF.

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Authority & Funding

The Skills for Veterans initiative is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission and is governed by the following rules and regulations:

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Tips & Guides

Access information and resources on the Skills for Veterans initiative, including proposal submission forms.


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Skills for Transition Program

As part of the Texas Operation Welcome Home initiative, the Skills for Transition Program (STP), coordinated by the Office of the Governor, Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Texas Veterans Commission and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation assist military personnel transition into the civilian workforce.

TWC is partnering with the Texas Workforce Solutions network to assist military personnel who are experiencing challenges in translating their military skills into civilian employment.

The STP is a new Skills initiative designed to work with military service members who are preparing to separate from service within 180 days, or who have been discharged within 180 days, and plan to remain in Texas.

Review the following forms for more  information and to apply for the STP program:

Contact Information:

Call 512-936-6024

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