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Business Enterprises of Texas:
Customer Satisfaction Survey and Cost Analysis Report

Actions Taken as a Result of 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Significant actions were taken as a result of responses to the 2014 Customer Service Survey.

We distributed survey results to licensed managers who operate facilities. We discussed concerns, and managers were asked to adjust practices where possible.

The results of the survey were used as an educational item at the BET manager’s annual training conference.

Managers were made aware of compliments and best practices identified by customers.

The program continued the successful healthy options program titled Better Eating Today, which offers snack and menu items with:

Program staff and managers continue to communicate with the Statewide Wellness Committee in order to develop a model to raise awareness about healthy menu choices and their availability in both food service and vending facilities. In addition to point of sale signage displaying healthy options in food service and vending machines, health oriented food demonstrations have been conducted by guest suppliers and chefs to help educate managers about healthy products and recipes available locally.

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