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Business Enterprises of Texas:
Customer Satisfaction Survey and Cost Analysis Report

Summary of the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

BET survey respondents informed us that they continue to have high levels of satisfaction with our reasonable prices and appropriate product portions. They also responded favorably to our facility hours and the speed with which they were able to dine and return to work. In fact, hours of operation and prices were both areas that received higher ratings this year. Additionally, respondents rated BET higher this year in the area of offering healthy menu items. However, this area still has room for improvement.

BET survey responses indicated that we lost ground in the areas of overall customer satisfaction and product value rating compared to last year. Additional training will be offered in these areas after specific results have been shared with managers. Although we were rated slightly higher this year in regards to resolving complaints, we still have work to accomplish in this area. Finally, respondents indicated that they would like to see a more diverse variety of product selection in our facilities. Comments, requests, and compliments provided on the surveys will be shared with the facility managers so that they can address areas of concern.