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Business Enterprises of Texas:
Customer Satisfaction Survey and Cost Analysis Report


This report is submitted pursuant to Rider 26 as part of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services’ (DARS) bill pattern performance reporting for the Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) program for the 2014–2015 biennium. Rider 26 reads as follows:

The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services shall report by October 1 of each year of the biennium the following information to the Legislative Budget Board and to the Governor:

  1. The results of the survey distributed to state host agencies on satisfaction of operational conditions such as pricing requirements, hours of operations, menu items, and product lines; and
  2. The total cost incurred by each state host agency for the operation of Business Enterprises of Texas cafeterias, snack bars, and convenience stores. Reported costs should include the value of the space used, maintenance costs, utility costs, janitorial costs, and the method of finance for each cost. An outline of the methodology that was used to determine the final estimate should also be included in the report.

The report shall be prepared in a format specified by the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor.

The Survey of Customer Satisfaction was sent to all state agencies in which BET operates a food service and/or vending services facility. A total of 3,095 individuals from 46 agencies responded to the survey. This total represents the highest number of responses from the largest number of agencies received in the six years this survey has been offered and is double the number of responses to the 2013 survey.

Both the survey process and the construction method of the survey and report have been improved over the last three years. Listed below are a number of these improvements, including those newly instituted this year.